11 Helpful Sites for Job Seekers

Use the tools.

Many people think of career sites as websites with job listings, but the job seeker has many more web tools at hand. There are experts dishing out great advice for free, as well as data resources for subjects like unemployment benefits or career trends. Here are 11 such sites you should be using:



Video: Ya Rasool Allah Tere Dar Ki Fazaon Ko Salam

Ya Rasool Allah Tere Dar Ki Fazaon Ko Salam – Studio Version!!

Video: Zahe Muqaddar (Qari Wahid Zafar)

Zahe Muqaddar by Qari Wahid Zafar

Video: Qaseeda Burdha Shareef

Qaseeda Burdha Shareef

Video: Durood Paak (Sami Yousaf)

Durood Paak by Sami Yousaf

Video: Kabay Ki Raunaq – Kabay Ka Manzer (Sabeeh Rehmani)

Kabay Ki Raunaq – Kabay Ka Manzar by Sabeeh Rehmani

6 Ways to Boost Your Job Search on LinkedIn


Networking and job hunting have come a long way in the last 20 years. New research tools and the immediacy of theInternet bring job seekers directly in contact with companies and employers, allowing us to build networksthat our counterparts of the past would only envy.
LinkedIn continues to be the most direct and powerful online tool, one that’s certainly worth the energy if you’re job hunting. But be sure you don’t make one of the mostcommon LinkedIn mistakes: being passive about your search.
Setting up a profile and adding connections is a good start—but it’s just the beginning. To get the most benefit fromLinkedIn, you have to become a proactive user, reaching out to others, participating in the community, and continuously working to build your network.

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